The Real Richard C. Davis

It's easy to get public attention if you're on television, more so if you host a popular and very interesting TV show. Just take the case of Richard C. Davis who is president and CEO as well as founder of Trademark Properties based in Charleston, South Carolina. For the thousands of fans of home flipping shows in the U.S., this man is a real pro, a great host and team leader.

Richard Davis gained so much popularity for creating and hosting television shows on home flipping like the original "Flip This House" aired on A&E before moving on to the current "The Real Deal" on TLC. Known as the residential king because of his prowess in buying, remodeling and reselling homes for profit, Davis has become a favorite of home flipping fans for many years now. In fact, an avid fan has created a "Flip This Lawsuit" website just to keep track of Davis' lawsuit against Flip This House producer A&E. As you may already know, Davis sued A&E for failing to compensate him for his program which prompted his Trademark team to leave the Flip This House show.

Being in the limelight has made Richard Davis a star. And when you're a star, you somehow become a public property that people would want to dig deeper into your private life. Davis is no exception because fans now want to find out more about his personal life including the real score between him and co-host Ginger Alexander who is the investment coordinator of Trademark Properties.

Watch Richard Davis, Ginger Alexander and other from Team Trademark in this funny video:

Okay, so you Real Deal fans agree that Richard and Ginger make a great pair. They have a wonderful rapport on and off the small screen, they are both gorgeous and smart people and are successful in their home flipping jobs. However, just to clear things up, 43-year-old Richard is a married man and a proud father of three kids - all boys. If you happened to watch the TLC special "A Home Run For Trademark," you would have seen that Richard is very involved with his children. In fact, it was one of his boys who inspired the project. As for 27-year-old Ginger, she loves her dog Jack and may be better off with a younger man. His loyalty to Trademark Properties and his boss is just misinterpreted by many fans. 
There are other interesting personal facts you should know about Davis. Outside his real estate business in which he's involved for 22 years already, Richard Davis is also into sports. He actually coaches basketball and baseball at the recreation center or middle school and works as a coach assistant at the high school. "Sports is my release," the Trademark Properties CEO said. In fact, Trademark sponsors many youth sports teams of Davis' hometown Charleston including an annual summer basketball camp. 

In addition to sports, Davis is also a fan of music and iPod which he uses to download his favorite videos and tunes. He likes the iPod more than the Walkman because of its very slim size you can use it without anybody knowing you have it. 

A graduate of Clemson University with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Financial Management with focus on real estate, Richard Davis is definitely in the right field. Perhaps he knew early on that real estate is his calling because after earning his degree, Davis immediately began honing his valuation skills by assessing real estate fulltime for Charleston county. 
So there, now you know who the real Richard C. Davis is. Just tune to in to his weekly show "The Real Deal" to be updated with his projects. Happy viewing!

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